November 27, 2019

Mike & Melanie | The Venetian Wedding

I have known Mike since we were 4 years old. Our families were best friends. They legitimately lived with us at the beach in the Summer. ALL Summer. It started out that they would be visiting for a couple weeks and then we’d always convince them to stay longer and it eventually just turned into the entire Summer. Almost all of my best childhood memories involve them. So when Mike told me that he was engaged, I knew I wanted to be there to capture their wedding day and to give them some amazing photos.

I had heard so many wonderful things about Melanie and I was so excited to meet her and see the two of them together. I knew how much this wedding meant to her and knew that she was going to make sure it was the BEST celebration you could imagine…and it sure was! Seriously, I have never seen so much food in my life. It was incredible. I was most looking forward to seeing their first dance, because I knew how hard they worked on it. I swear, it was like watching a movie. SO good.

I just know that they will have so many happy years together and will look back fondly on all the memories from their wedding day! I am so honored to have been a part of it and love you both so much!

VENUE: The Venetian, Garfield, NJ
PHOTOGRAPHER: Katherine Elena Photography
VIDEOGRAPHER: Jason Giordano Photography
HAIR/MUA: Elie Esper Salon
DRESS: C T Bridal Couture
TUXES: The Black Tux
DJ: Joe Zisa, DJ Express
CAKE: A Little Cake

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