July 1, 2019

Morgan & Brad | Separk Mansion Wedding

by Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE Separk Mansion weddings. But more than that, I love clients like Morgan & Brad. When I first met Morgan, she had such a bright, bubbly personality and we immediately clicked. The day of the wedding, the entire place had such a great energy and we were welcomed in like family! It was so, so sweet. I know that we will stay friends long after the wedding day and that’s one of my favorite parts about shooting weddings!

How they met

From the bride: Brad and I met at a bar—Ed’s Tavern. We were there play the wingmen for our friends who were trying to date. We played pool together and listened to live music, two of our favorite things to do together. It was unexpected and lovely!

How they got engaged

From the bride: Brad took me to Wilmington, NC for my birthday. This was our first vacation spot together four years prior and where I lived when I went to college, so this was a perfect place for us To celebrate my birthday. We got dressed up to go to dinner and have drinks on the riverwalk in downtown Wilmington. We had a drink before dinner at a spot we liked to go to called Cape Fear Wine and Beer. Then, on the walk to dinner, Brad wanted to sit on the ledge overlooking the water, the bridge and the battleship. We were sitting there enjoying the sun and the breeze over the water, having a causal conversation about loving each other and being happy. I was the one who actually said we were going to be together forever and then kept on talking about another subject per usual, ;). Brad brought it back to the lovey dovey part saying, “you and me together, forever, huh? Do you want to make it official?” And pulled out the ring. I was in total shock and said “seriously?” twice, because even after being together for four years, I was not expecting it. I of course said “yes!” and we continued the night to dinner, more drinks, and calling everyone to celebrate.

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