Photography has always been a passion of mine- ever since I took a photography class in high school. The darkroom was one of my favorite places to be. I'd always thought about making a career out of it, but kept it in the back of my mind since making it as a landscape photographer was near impossible. I'd never even considered doing wedding photography at the time. After graduating college with Chemistry and Psychology degrees, I worked for a few years in the Environmental field and just found that I was really unhappy in that career path. So in 2012, I began taking photos of friends and family on the side and quickly built my business to the point where I could leave my job to do photography full time. The insecurity of leaving a salaried job was scary, but the idea of not loving what I did every day was much scarier. 

Since that first session in 2012, I have photographed about 100 weddings and countless families, and had an amazing little girl that is the subject of many photo sessions! I take a limited number of weddings a year because it is important to me that all of my clients get a high-end experience and feel valued throughout the entire process and I don't want that or my home life to suffer. My favorite moments during the wedding day are the first looks! The first look with dad gets me EVERY. TIME. And a teary groom? I have to hold back tears of my own!

a lover of the little details


a few of my favorite things

my faves

family     the NC mountains     the Jersey Shore (not the one from TV)     crossword puzzles     jigsaw puzzles     really any kind of puzzles     coffee     hot tea     puppies    traveling     interior design    Disney     sweaters     great food     desserts    llamas .    baking     holidays     Christmas lights    the Yankees   college football    winter coats      sappy love stories     eco-friendly products    sunrises     long drives with the windows down    dancing     so many different kinds of music     the sound of my daughter laughing    my gray hair!    Fall colors     being outdoors     the way your hair feels after leaving the salon     movie theaters with reclining chairs     baby clothes that look like tiny adult clothes     really good bagels     learning other languages     historical homes    the low country    napping on the beach     sailing     snowboarding      a good book

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