June 23, 2019

Kelly & Jack | Separk Mansion Wedding

Separk Mansion Wedding

by Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Kelly and Jack had one of the most fun Separk Mansion weddings. The reception was an absolute BLAST and everyone was on the dance floor all night! Kellie and I were just cracking up the whole time, especially when the guests started playing limbo with ties tied around their heads. Haha. It was so clear that everyone loved the two of them and both of their families were the sweetest. I have absolutely loved getting to know them throughout our time together and seeing how much they truly love each other. I am so happy to have them as part of the KEP family!

How they met

Jack and Kelly met at Clemson University (go Tigers!). They first met when Jack was a freshman and Kelly was a sophomore. They joined the same business fraternity the same semester and became friends after Kelly made fun of Jack for his questionable business professinoal attire (he was wearing a navy jacket and black pants). The next year Kelly visited Jack and other friends while they were both studying abroad in Europe. After chatting for a summer, Kelly and Jack went on their first date to Chipotle and bowling in September of Kelly’s senior year. The rest is history!

How they got engaged

Jack really thought he surpsied Kelly with his proposal (he didn’t fully surprise her – but it was still perfect). Jack planned a great dinner at a lake side restaurant in Clemson. After a delicious dinner that Jack coinciding with the sunset, they went for a walk along the lake where they frequently visited. Jack had flowers and a scrapbook set up halfway through the trail. That’s where he popped the question!

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  1. Andrea Gerstl

    July 6th, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    What a wonderful wedding, never have experienced this before -even just on pictures . Thanks so much for sharing

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